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Tarek Ghriri

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Syrian-Canadian from Palestinian origin flamenco and fretless guitarist with over 20 years of experience in the music industry. Tarek began his journey as a musician in Syria, where he developed a passion for blending traditional Arabic and flamenco styles.

Tarek has honed his craft through years of performances at festivals and shows, in Syria , Lebanon, and Canada . He has also made special appearances on television and radio programs, showcasing his unique blend of Arabic and flamenco music. Since he arrived to Canada, Ghriri merges his passion for music to create a unique blend of the two musical worlds, he create, leads the Flamenco Arabia project, performs, co-produce Massyr “ مَسير “ and leads a number of local groups, including "Diar دْيَار" , and more.


In addition to his performances, Tarek has been teaching music since 2008, and has been using music as a therapeutic tool since 2016. He believes in the power of music to heal, change lives, bring hope, and has been using this approach to help children cope with the stress and trauma of war and displacement, believes in the power of music to heal”


Tarek has released his first album "Refugee in the Sea" in April 2023, which reflects on his personal journey and the experiences of the Syrian people, struggles, and people who have found their final refuge in the bottom of the Mediterranean. 


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