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( يالور حبك ) Ya Laure Hobuki/Tangos del Titi

Some Arabic Maqams
"styles /Palos "
On D مقامات عربية)
( مقامات عربية على علامة الري)
( Bayat ( بيات )- ٍ
Saba (صبا) - Hijaz – (حجاز)

Wandering Songstress 天涯歌女 | : It's a collaboration between ,artists in Toronto and artists in China.

Hal Asmar Ellon - هالأسمر اللون -Tarek Ghriri & Nour Kdn
music type : Rumba
Paula Marin - Cajon
Video : Shadi Jaber 
Sound : Goerge Athanas 

music type : ( Tangos- Flamenco ) Suerte - luck composed by : Tarek Ghriri - Guitar  - Nour Ka'adan - Cajón

This music has a story behind it : it's about The suffering of refugee, he Decides To take the sea A way to search of a chance to a better live, he started drowning in the middle of the sea , he suffers in middle of no where , until he dies

(Tammam Saeed : Oud
Video : Shadi Jaber & Luay Salha & Condesa Feliccina Sioufi
Sound : Anas Hajjar
Lama Bada yatathana
(لما بدا يتثنى) 
Padideh Ahrarnejad : Tar
Nour KDN : Percussion
Ali Massoudi : Percussion
Small world music festival 2020


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