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Flamenco Arabia 
Flamenco Arabia is where the Spanish and the Arab music meet.

Project members :
Tarek Ghriri 
Ali massoudi
Gina Tantalo
Murshed Khalid
Nazih Borish
Nour KDN
Claudia Calú Aguirre

This Arabic-Andalusia music blends the Spanish sounds of Andalusia with contemporary Arabic music. An enchanting guitar performance containing Arabic rhythms intertwines with flamenco music setting the stage for professional flamenco dancers.
As each note is song in Arabic and Spanish , the brushstrokes of a masterpiece come together as history reunites Arabs with their long-gone past and presence in Andalusia.
This project is a production of the Canadian Arabic Orchestra , produced and created by Tarek Ghriri

© 2021 Tarek Ghriri. 

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