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Massyr “ مَسير “
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Massyr “مَسير “ Ensemble aim to present the beautiful Cultures , heritage, harmony of the Eastern fusion music, through a musical journey, that will takes the listener from South Asia  to the Middle East’s , To the beauty of the Arabic music all hosted and present in the multi culture Scene of Canada.

Ensemble member :
Tarek Ghriri 
Ali massoudi
Padideh ANejad
Murshed Khalid
Nour KDN
Anwar Khurshid
Heidi Chan

Massyr “مَسير “ is a common word between Arabic, Persian and Urdu , which means the Journey, travel or way. Our ancestors used to travel across the Eastern continent, carrying with them Peace , Love, music, history, cultures, leaving behind differences, hardships, they traveled freely, without any borders and difficulties. We all went on our Journeys, but our paths brought us together to bring this music to live.

© 2021 Tarek Ghriri. 

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